Custom Swiss Army Knives

Custom Swiss Army Knives

Proven knives of the Swiss army in a unique design, limited edition. Excellent assembly, high-quality and exclusive materials will underscore the uniqueness of your new Victorinox.

  • Mammoth Knife Steampunk

    Model #100 "S teampunk ". Titanium custom scales, oxidation decoration in blue color. Original...
    300,00 $

  • Mammoth Knife Skeleton

    Model #107 "Skeleton". Titanium custom scales. Original model Victorinox Spartan 91 mm
    165,00 $

  • Mammoth Knife Crack

    Model #109 "Crack". Titanium custom scales, color laser engraving, anodizing. Original...
    195,00 $

  • Mammoth Knife Marine

    Model #102 "Marine". Titanium custom scales, oxidation in blue color. Original model Victorinox...
    250,00 $

  • Mammoth Knife Lunar eclipse

    Model #101 "Lunar Eclipse". This is the first commercial project of a customized knife.
    430,00 $

  • Mammoth Knife Golden nail

    Model #108 "Golden nail". Titanium custom scales and bolts in DLC, red anodizing. One golden...
    200,00 $